May 22, 2017

Top 33 Proven Headline Formulas That Will Skyrocket Conversions

Do you struggle to write irresistible headlines?

Headline formulas

Do your headlines not get desired clicks?

If visitors don’t click your headlines, your blog posts will go unnoticed no matter how well they are written.

As rightly said by Jeff Goins in his article,

“It takes more than good content or great design. The most important part of writing an article is the headline.”

In my previous, I talked about 121 proven tips for successful blogging, here I will share with you 33 proven headline formulas. These ultimate formulas will get you clicks like crazy.

Let us get into headline formulas:.

How to Headline Formulas

How to headlines formuals

‘How to’ formulas, without any doubt, attract lots of clicks as they are a surefire way to deliver value. Here are the main variants of ‘How to’ formulas:

1- How to (blank)
How to Be an Awesome Blogger, How to Write a Great Post

2- How to (essential guide)
How to Write An Awesome Post – All You Need to Know
How to Attract Traffic On Your Website – An Ultimate Guide

3- How to(blank) Like (blank)
How to Write Like Brian Clark
How to Write a Blog Post Like Neil Patel

4- How to (blank) Even if or without (blank)

How to Skyrocket Website Traffic Without Knowing SEO
How to Write Better Even if You didn’t Study Literature

5- How to (blank) While (blank)
How to Make Money While You Sleep
How to Read a Book While Enjoying Music

6- How to Use (Blank) to (blank)
How to Use Public Data to Write an Awesome Blog Post
How to Use Your Weakness to Conquer Your Fear

7- How to (blank) in 5 Easy Steps
How to Write a Blog Post in 5 Easy Steps
How to Make Awesome Coffee in 5 Easy Steps

8- How to (desired outcome) in (few efforts)
How to Play Guitar in Just 5 Days
How to Write a Long Article Without Losing Rhythm

9- How to (make something) in (surprisingly less time)
How I Learnt French in Just 10 Days
How I Wrote 3000 Words Post in Just 50 Minutes

10- How to Quickly (blank)
How to Quickly Fix Grammatical Errors in Your Blog
How to Quickly Write a Long Blog Post

11- How to Get Rid of (blank) Quickly
How to Get Rid of Mice in Your House Quickly
How to Get Rid of Moisture in Your Basement Quickly

Alarming Headline Formulas


Alarming headline formulas

Needless to say, humans are quick to react to any threat or danger. That’s why alarming headlines generate lots of clicks.

12- Are You Safe from (blank)?
Are You Safe from Air Pollution?
Are You Safe from Heart Attack?

13- Is (Something Valuable) Safe from (blank)?
Is Your Dog Safe from Diarrhea?
Is Your Car Safe from Theft?

14- How You Can Protect Yourself from (blank)
How You Can Protect Yourself from Cold
How You Can Protect Your Home from Burglary

15- How to Avoid (blank)
How to Avoid Grammatical Mistakes in Your Blog Post
How to Avoid Getting Broke

16- How Much Prepared Are You for (unpleasant situation)?
How Much Prepared Are You for Shivering Cold?
How Much Prepared Are You for Storm?

17- Are You Doing These Common (blank) Mistakes
Are Your Doing These Common Writing Mistakes?
Are You Doing These Common Cooking Mistakes?

18- Why (blank) % of (blank) Fails Miserably
Why 90% of New Startups Fail Miserably
Why 70% Headlines Don’t Generate Clicks

19- (Blank) Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid
5 Grammar Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid
3 Blogging Mistakes That Make You Look Stupid

20- Surprising/Alarming Truth about/behind (blank)
Surprising Truth Behind Neil Patel Success
Alarming Truth About Teenage Pregnancy

21- Does Your (Something important) Do Something Bad
Does Your Kid Abuse A lot
Does Your Website Sends Visitors Away

22- (Surprising/alarming facts) That Will Freak You Out
5 Surprising Blogging Facts That Will Freak You Out
3 Alarming Facts About Blog Title That Will Freak You Out

23- Number (Blank) Mistakes You Should Stop Doing Immediately
5 Blogging Mistakes You Should Stop Doing Immediately
3 Grammar Mistakes You Should Stop Doing Immediately

24- Number Mistakes You Wish You Knew To Avoid Embarrassment
5 Grammar Mistakes You Wish You Knew To Avoid Embarrassment
3 Blogging Mistakes You Wish You Knew To Avoid Embarrassment

25- This is Why (blank) Will Never Happen
This Is Why You Will Never Be A Great Blogger
This Is Why Your Blog Will Never Attract Huge Traffic

26- This Is Why Your (blank) Sucks
This Is Why Your Blog Sucks
This Is Why Your Website Sucks

Listicle Headlines


Listicles headline formulas

Listicle headlines are easy-to-read. Here are some tips to write great listicle headlines.

26- Number (blank) I Never Expected About (blank)
11 Things I Never Expected About Blogging
9 Things I Never Expected About Renting a Car

27- Number Reasons I’ll Never Do (blank)
5 Reasons I’ll Never Go Fishing
3 Reasons I’ll Never Write A Shallow Blog Post

28- Number Signs You Are/Your (blank)
5 Signs You Are An Awesome Blogger
3 Signs Your Post Sucks

29- Number Things Only Successful (blank)
5 Things Only Successful Bloggers Do
3 Things Only Successful Runners Do

30- Number Amazing Ways To Do (blank)
5 Amazing Ways To Write a Stellar Blog Post
3 Amazing Ways To Increase Traffic On Your Website

31- Number Surprising Facts About Something
5 Surprising Facts About Blogging
9 Surprising Facts About Running

Secrets, power, and prestige headlines


Secret headlines_QuickScream

32- Number Secrets to Doing Something Better

5 Secrets to Writing Awesome Blog posts
3 Secrets to Leading A Happy Life

33- Number Secrets/tips Nobody Would Tell You
3 Blogging Secrets Nobody Would Tell You
5 Swimming Tips Nobody Would Tell You


Headlines are one of the most important parts of your blog posts. A catchy headline can make your post, while a lousy headline can break your post. Headlines are just like a magnet attracting visitors to your posts. The stronger headlines, the more visitors. As simple as that. ‘How to’ headlines are gold. If your headline signals your visitors about an alarming situation or it is related to secret, power or prestige, visitors are more likely to click it. Listicle headlines are never out of fashion.

So, the next time, when you are going to write a blog post, craft an engaging catchy line. You will definitely get more clicks.

My friend Peter Sandeen, a leading authority on value propositions and conversion optimization, wrote 101 headline formulas. I highly recommend you to visit his website.

What about you? Do you have any headline formula to tell?

Do share it in the comment section. I’d love to hear about it.

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  • Sonal Mehta

    Awesome collection of Dos and Donts wrt powerful, engaging, emotional headlines

  • Kamalika De

    Great post I must say. Well informative. I think besides “how to” headlines, “top numbers” headlines are also catchy.