April 20, 2019

7 Proven Ways To Fight Startup Burnout (That Work Fast)

Burnout is as real as it gets. 65% of adults in the US said that they had felt burnout. Startup burnout or startup exhaustion not only deteriorates professional life, but also affects personal life.

startup burnout

If startup burnout goes unchecked, it can take a toll on your productivity and relationship at both personal and professional fronts.

Can you do anything about it? Is there any way to overcome burnout?

The answer is a big resounding YES. How?

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you 7 proven ways to fight startup burnout or small business owner burnout. After reading this post, you will know how to overcome it.

How to fight startup Burnout

1- Be realistic in your goals


Startup burnout is a product of fatigue and/or disappointment. If we take care of our fatigue and disappointment, we can avoid burnout. If we dig deeper, we will find that fatigue and disappoints are often the outcome of trying to achieve unrealistic goals.

“The solution is to set more conservative expectations for yourself and your business, in terms of your goals, hopes, daily tasks and everything in between,” says Jayson DeMers.

There is nothing bad about being optimistic and setting high goals. But we should understand that there is no shortcut for success. Things take time. Your growth cannot be double overnight.

If you set an unrealistic target, you tend to feel fatigue due to overwork. And when the target eludes you, there will be a disappointment. All this will lead to startup burnout.

So always be realistic in your goals to keep burnout at bay.

 2- Set Boundaries


Entrepreneurial journey is never easy. You need to take care of both personal and professional life. A fine balance is a must between home and work. But, many times, startup owners are not able to maintain this balance. They mix up their personal and professional lives This is also a common reason for startup burnout.

You should make sure that there is no work when you are home or on weekends. Also, setting boundaries around your use of digital devices during off-hours will help you avoid burnout.   

 3- Delegate unimportant tasks


Being a startup owner doesn’t mean you should entangle with petty tasks and exhaust yourself daily. If you keep doing unimportant tasks, you will drain yourself. And many times, you will not have time and energy for important tasks. Incomplete important tasks can make you feel disappointed. If this continues for a long period, you will feel startup burnout.

So, you should never do tasks that you can easily delegate to others. If you don’t have enough people to delegate tasks, you can hire a virtual assistant.

 4- Motivate yourself


Even if you love your startup, you might feel burnout from time to time. Perhaps, your products are not creating a big buzz in the market or you are losing sight of your original motivations.

The best way to deal with it is to remember why you launched your startup. You started because you believed in your idea, you started because you believed in your vision, you started because you wanted to be your own boss. Thinking about why you started can give you the needed push to overcome burnout. Incorporate regular breaks into your workday can help you overcome burnout and stay motivated.

 5- Sleep well, eat well, play well

QuickScream_starttup burnout

When burnout sets in, your body and mind need sleep more than you think. Make sure you get plenty of good sleep to restore body and mind.

The same is true for food as well. You might be skipping meals due to excess workload. It is time you should get your eating on schedule and start eating healthy stuff like lean protein, greens, fruits, and veggies. And minimize caffeine and sugar intake.

Also, getting a life helps overcome burnout. Take a fitness class, play a game of chess with your buddy, and hang out with your friends.

If you sleep well, eat well, and play well, there is no reason why wouldn’t be able to fight burnout.

 6- Consider a support group

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When I say support group,  I don’t mean you should go for a therapeutic group. In fact, you don’t need that one unless you are not able to keep your head above water. You can take the help of organizations and startup blogs, which offer mentoring. Also, meeting your casual friends and venting and sharing ideas can be a great help in fighting burnout.

Rediscovering your passion can also be a great help in overcoming startup exhaustion.

 7- Go for a vacation

Startup burnout

Most of us feel the guilt when we stop working. However, a break from work is necessary to avoid burnout. Richard Branson says,

“Ditch any guilt you might feel about stopping work”, schedule some you time in your planner and “make this relaxation time a priority”.

There are scientific reasons that vacations are good for your health. Not only you will feel rejuvenated after spending quality time with your family on a vacation but also you will strengthen family bonding.

So, the next time, when you are feeling startup burnout, go for a family vacation. I guarantee that you will feel a lot better after that.


Entrepreneurial burnout is common. Startup owners feel frustrated at some time or other in their lives. But a good thing is you can fight burnout. Being realistic in your goals, knowing your limits, changing the routine, motivating yourself, taking the help of a support group, and going for a vacation are a few proven ways to overcome startup burnout. Also, sleeping well, eating well, and playing well helps a lot in avoiding burnout.

What about you? Have you ever felt burnout? If yes, how did you overcome it? Do share your thought in the comment section. I’d love to hear about it.